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4th Grade e-learning course that asks students to choose what kind of company they would start if they were given $1 million to do so, based on their interests.  The course guides students to research this interest field, interview field experts by phone and email (and through course forums), and then gives step-by-step instructions to create a learning presentation they can share with others, for a philanthropic purpose.

5th grade Choose Your Path asks students to take talent quizzes to add to what they know they're good at, and then choose one to explore success in that field.  Then students research the field in different times and places, compared to here and now.  Students interview local field experts by phone and email, as well as on course forums, to find out more about their fields of interests.  Using what they've learned throughout the course, their research and their connections, they create a learning product to share with others, for a philanthropic purpose.

6th grade Choose Your Paths guides students through some interest quizzes to add to their known interests, and then helps them explore what those interests look like as a successful future.  Students interview 3-5 field experts by phone and by email, while asking and answering questions on the course forums and blog, and then put together what they learned, into a creative shared learning experience at their school or in their community, for a philanthropic purpose.

7th grade Choose Your Path guides students through "passion projects" that give back to their school, neighborhood or community.  Students work toward a finished project or event that helps their school, neighborhood, community or region, while collaborating with others to do so.  They work with peers, field experts and community partners to share their learning, as well as mentor students in the 4th-6th grade forums.

8th grade Choose Your Paths e-learning focuses on helping students identify how they would respond to emergency and other situations with their abilities, whether it be a school incident, a community disaster or otherwise.  Students interview local community members and field experts that align with student interests and abilities, in order to create learning experiences for others, that serve a philanthropic purpose in the school and community.  Students go through the process of taking one of their interests, talents or passions into a school club proposal, in order to improve their ability to take an idea and turn it into reality.  

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